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California Relocation


Relocating to California for Business?

California has been known for a long time as a “land of opportunity”. If it is your turn to come and seize the many opportunities sunny Southern California has to offer, keep these few things in mind, and it will help you with your relocation!

The first thing you want to consider is where your new office will be located. Once you have the location picked out, you can determine if you want to live in the same area or if you would like to commute. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who has chosen to call Orange County home. California has one of the largest relocation markets in the country. That brings us to our next point:

Traffic is a huge factor when choosing where to live. If you live in South Orange County but travel to North Orange County for work, it can get stressful or downright frustrating.  There are well over 5 million people in The OC alone.  At peak hours, traffic gets very backed up on the roads.  This is why it is so important to strategize ahead of time as to what commute time will be reasonable for you to handle.

If you are not the type of person who likes sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, then you may want to consider purchasing closer to the office.  Click here to set up your search by city.  Or maybe you don’t mind sitting in traffic, and you love listening to the radio, handling follow up calls, and enjoying scenery.  In this case commute time wouldn’t be a big deal, and we can show you areas where you will get more home for your money.

In addition, relocating poses another snag when it comes to buying property.  You only have so much time to fly back and forth across the country to look for a home.  Don’t worry, the AskAngie Team is here to make it easy on you.  As the “New Generation” of Realtors, we are well versed in technology and use it to save you money and time. We can email photos and virtual tours to you.  We can do online paperless contracts, and we can email you any document.  We’ll educate you on the ups and downs of cities you are considering.  We’ll answer your calls on our toll-free number (877)230-3211.

Have we done a totally virtual deal?  MANY!  Use our experience to your advantage.  Remember many Realtors are not the least bit technical, and NOT asking could cost you a ton of time and money in your situation.  Call us today at 877-230-3211 to find out more about our easy relocation program!