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Laguna Niguel


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Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel is a spectacular environment to reside in. It is close to the crisp ocean breeze, which truly makes a pleasant temperature difference in comparison to all inland cities. Laguna Niguel began to develop in the early 1980’s.  Currently the city is in its final stages of complete land development. Laguna Niguel has an excellent schooling system in place with outstanding student achievement reports.  In addition, it is a professional community with many types of Business Firms that are contributing tremendously to the visibility of the city. There are magnificent sightseeing spots in Laguna Niguel, One is the Ritz Carlton resort with beautiful views of the coastal tranquility, also, the St. Regis resort that has a magnificent dinning experience, as well as lodging experience. For those that like to venture into the wild life aspect of Laguna Niguel there are plenty of trails at the Aliso Wildlife sanctuary and trails. There is a path that extends 3-4 miles into the canyon. Also, there are numerous trails for hikers and bikers to get a feel for the beauty of the oak trees, deer, and the essence of the outdoors. For those that like to escape the inner city crowd, Laguna Niguel offers everything you need.


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