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26152 La Real E404 Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Beds: N/A Baths: 1 – Price $925 (Lease)
28401 Los Alisos Blvd Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Bedrooms: 1 Baths: 1 – Price: $1,509


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Mission Viejo Real Estate

The homes for sale in Mission Viejo are the types of homes people come to Orange County for. In fact real estate in Mission Viejo California has always been popular because of the quiet, secure, and serene neighborhoods associated with the city. As such real estate and Mission Viejo have long been synonymous with one another. Even now Mission Viejo, Ca. real estate is going strong.

Families and individuals come from both far and near looking for upscale homes at great prices. This is exactly what they get too with Mission Viejo, California real estate and the homes and neighborhoods never disappoint those who view them nor those who settle as residents.

Mission Viejo Residential Properties

Of the many types of homes available in Mission Viejo, none are more popular with buyers than Mission Viejo residential properties. Full fledged homes in Mission Viejo can often be found in great communities at even better prices making it an ideal place to live when you want to raise a family or live a quiet and safe lifestyle.

Mission Viejo Average House Prices: $569,073

  • Aegean Heights – 6 different home models to choose from and 2 to 5 bedroom homes!
  • Aliso Villas – Solid mid sized homes with lots of floor plans to choose from.
  • Alta Mira – A community of large homes with plenty of living space for even large families.
  • Anacapa – Several different floor models to choose from with square feet starting at 3300 ft.
  • Auburn Ridge – Two and three story homes are available in this quiet community.
  • Azure – Quiet surroundings and mid to large sized homes here in Azure.
  • Bel Mira at Califia – A great community for single family homes and a terrific neighborhood.
  • Bel Mira at Quail Run – This community is great for families and has many single family homes for sale.
  • Bonita Vista – If you need a smaller home or are looking for a first time purchase, this is the community for you.
  • Casta Del Sol – Carmel – Single family homes are plentiful in this community and it’s great for families of all sizes.
  • Casta Del Sol – Fiesta – Unique architecture and relaxing neighborhoods are what this community is all about./
  • Cliff Wood – The two story homes in this community draw buyers from near and far. A wide variety of floor plans are available in this community.
  • Concord – Looking for an affordable single family home in Mission Veijo? Well then Concord is the community for you.
  • Cordova Vista – This is a great family community with plenty of amenities and great homes.
  • Cortez – The homes here are boast unique designs and multiple floor plans. Adequate living space for families of all sizes.
  • Crystal Ridge – Homes of multiple sizes and floor plans are here as are safe and relaxing neighborhoods.
  • Deane Homes – Families can find good sized homes here at great prices. Close to schools and shopping centers.
  • Delta Homes – Delta Homes is a community that’s great for both families and individuals looking for their first home.
  • Grand Traditions – This community boasts the biggest variety of floor plans and designs inside of Mission Veijo.
  • Greystone Point – Need a home for a family that you plan on growing? You’ll find it here.
  • La Paz – The La Paz tract is located in central Mission Viejo and home construction began there in 1966 and was completed around 1970.
  • Madrid – Consists of 945 Homes with 3 floorplans starting at 1772 sq ft. Great neighborhood, great schools, public park and more. This community is great for raising a family.
  • Montclaire – Like many other areas in Mission Viejo, Montclair is a great place to own a home whether you’re single or you have a family.
  • Monte Viejo – With five floor plans to choose from in great home designs you will have a problem finding the home of your dreams in this community.
  • Sunesta – The homes in Sunseta are well-known for having upwards of at least four bedrooms and sometimes up to four bathrooms as well. These homes will work well for families who plan on staying for years.
  • Waterford – This community is well known as a family community because it’s homes provide ample living space with just enough bedrooms and bathrooms to make a living comfortable.
  • West Cliff – The community of Westcliffe is a great place to own a home when you want to live in a neighborhood that’s quiet, secure, and relaxing.

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Mission Viejo, CA Condos

Condo’s in Mission Viejo present homebuyers with a unique opportunity. This opportunity comes by way of the ability to own a home without having to pay the larger price and without having to worry about many of the issues of being a homeowner. Mission Viejo Condo’s are great for singles and small families and provide them with safe communities and great comfort. Condo’s in Mission Viejo are a great alternative when the price of a home here might be to great at the moment.

Average Mission Viejo Condo Prices: $272,000

  • Ridgemont – there plenty of two-story condos in Ridgemont and all of them possess a warm and welcoming feel. Once you step into one of these condos you won’t want to leave.
  • California Court – Mission Veijo’s premiere Condo community. Homey, comfortable, and affordable.
  • Cypress Point – Condo’s of varying sizes, prices, and floor plans can be found here. Condo’s here are warm and welcoming.
  • Highland Park Condos – Find a condo of your dreams here in Highland Park Condos. Ample living space in cozy environments are what this community is all about.
  • Lake Aire – If you want a condo with lots of living space you’ll want to take a look at this community as it offers some of the largest combos and old Mission Viejo.
  • Mirasol – The condos here are both smaller in size and more affordable than other areas within Mission Viejo. This is a great place to start if you’re a first-time home buyer.


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Mission Viejo Townhomes

Town homes in Mission Viejo, just like Condo’s, provide buyers with the cozy, homey feeling people look for in a home and also help people avoid some of the issues that come with owning a full blown home. Town homes in Mission Viejo are affordable, warm, and great for singles and families that are just starting out.

Average Cost of Mission Viejo Townhomes: $312,000

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Luxury Homes in Mission Viejo California

When people think of Mission Viejo they often think first of luxury homes. This is because there are plenty of luxury homes in Mission Viejo. Each luxury home boasts a unique architecture and stands out from neighboring homes without exception. Owning a luxury home in Mission Viejo is something that must simply be experienced!

Average Cost of Luxury homes in Mission Viejo: $1,177,000

  • Belcrest – Families of all sizes flock to his community for it’s large upscale homes.
  • Copperstone – Homes here carry 2 to 5 bedrooms and are fairly large. Perfect for families who plan on expanding.
  • Evergreen Ridge – Beautiful landscapes and views can be found in this community along with affordable housing.
  • Napoli – Most of the homes in this community boast four bedrooms in at least two bathrooms making it a great community for families.
  • Bonaire – Those seeking quiet surroundings with serene atmospheres will find this community near perfect.

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Mission Viejo Home Foreclosures

Like all other cities, Mission Viejo has its fair share of foreclosures. Foreclosures in Mission Viejo are the first homes that people should look at when they settle on becoming part of the community. This is because foreclosures in Mission Viejo come at a much more affordable price than do homes with an owner. Great homes can be purchased at a fraction of their true cost with Mission Viejo home foreclosures.

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House Rentals Mission Viejo, CA

There are many individuals who would love nothing more than to purchase a home in Mission Viejo. The reality however is that it sometimes it just isn’t the right time to buy for any number of reasons. Those individuals who want to own a home here but aren’t ready to buy can just as easily view and move into Mission Viejo house rentals without having to worry about all the details of a home purchase. House rentals in Mission Viejo are great for families who are new to the area, those whom are not yet ready to buy, and those who aren’t sure how long they plan to be in the area.

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Open House in Mission Viejo

With plenty of homes for both sale and rent in Mission Viejo there is of course bound to be an open house in Mission Viejo or two. In fact Open Houses occur frequently throughout the city and we’re happy to show available properties to any interested party. Contact us today to schedule a viewing!

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Vacation Rentals Mission Viejo CA

There are many reasons to live in Mission Viejo but it’s also a fantastic place to vacation. As such the individuals who do come to the area for a vacation will of course will look to vacation rentals in Mission Viejo for a place to stay. Vacation rentals in Mission Viejo are plentiful and offer vacationers all the creature comforts and amenities that hotels and motels just don’t offer. It may be temporary but vacation rentals in Mission Viejo allow individuals to live as a member of the community even if only for a short time.

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