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Need More Room


Having a baby and need more space?  Elderly family moving in?

Does your condo or apartment seem cluttered?  Are you thinking of expanding your family?  If you currently live with your significant other and are planning on having children or taking on an elderly relative, keep in mind all the additional items you will need to organize or store in your living space.

For instance, when a baby is born you will need an extra bedroom or nursery for all the babies’ things. You will also need a crib, walker, swing, high chair, etc… Not to mention the abundance of toys and clothes. You’re probably going to need an extra room for it all 🙂

Many families are now helping elderly relatives, too; and these additions come with a lifetime of possessions.  Moreover, it may be important to rearrange your living space to accommodate limitations such as stair climbing, trip hazards, or high-reaching.

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Do you have have room for it all? Extending your family is always a fun exciting time, but the transition can also be very stressful. If you are planning on having a baby, its usually is easier to plan ahead and save yourself the stress of moving during pregnancy.

Home additions are another option to consider if you currently own your home and can legally build on.  One warning, though.  OVER upgrading your home and making it the biggest or best home in your neighborhood may seem fun, but it won’t bring you the return on your investment when its time to sell.  It may be best (especially if you are already in one of the larger models in your neighborhood) to upgrade now, while there is less to pack up! 🙂

Our advice is to plan well in advance for your arrivals, and it’s a good idea to work on creating available space for all the extra items you will acquire.  Don’t wait until your home is all filled up & cluttered, because that could make it harder to sell. Get a head start and upgrade or expand your space now.  Contact us and we can help you with your research and plan of action!